NRC Employees Stories: Mike Doyle

Tell us your New Resources Consulting story. Recruited my senior year of college, it was the potential opportunities for my career that made me join NRC. When I first started, I was a Microsoft Developer working to create, optimize, and streamline custom Visual Basic applications. In 2000, I left NRC to join another consulting firm doing [...]

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NRC Employees Stories: Rahul Shakya

Tell us your New Resources Consulting story.  Five years ago, I was looking for a job in IT. I had gone back to school to get a degree in IT and Programming after initially graduating from UWM with a degree in Molecular Biology. I was able to join NRC while completing my IT degree. I was [...]

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NRC Employees Stories: Justin Stefanski

Tell us your New Resources Consulting story.  I initially joined NRC in 2012 as part of a client’s Associate Development Program.  I was just a few months out of graduating from UW-Stevens Point.  I briefly left NRC for a time to be a full-time Associate for the client but returned to NRC in 2014.  Since then [...]

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