Tell us your New Resources Consulting story. 
I initially joined NRC in 2012 as part of a client’s Associate Development Program.  I was just a few months out of graduating from UW-Stevens Point.  I briefly left NRC for a time to be a full-time Associate for the client but returned to NRC in 2014.  Since then I have worked for various clients and progressed in different responsibilities.  I have served as a technical lead/developer/business analyst and project manager.  I have been exposed to many business units, technologies and third-party vendors during my time at NRC.  I’ve bettered my SQL, testing and overall programming skills with training opportunities along the way.

What is your favorite part(s) about your job?

Troubleshooting, solving problems, being creative, and getting involved in the software development and requirements gathering process.

What work/project are you most proud of?

Helping build a Consumer Self Service portal and implementing Paperless options for Insurance customers.  At the time, this was just becoming popular.

What’s different about New Resources Consulting from other companies?

NRC feels like a family – you are not just another number.

What qualities do people need to be successful at NRC?

Be open to new perspectives and opportunities that you may have not considered, have strong analytical skills, and be up for challenges while providing excellent customer service.

Any advice for someone who is considering working at NRC?

Challenge yourself to venture and think outside the box.

How has NRC supported your career development?

Being exposed to many different clients has allowed me to experience a vast array of technologies, different points of view and perspectives in how workplaces are run, as well as different software development/project management methodologies.

Outside of work what can you be found doing? 

Spending time with my wife and daughter, following the weather, and planning and working on house or landscape projects.  I also spend a lot of time looking at maps and learning about urban planning and public transportation design.

What is your ‘unique’?

I am fairly well versed in the German language, having completed a German minor in college and advanced German classes throughout high school.  Also, in addition to being a technical person, I have a creative and artistic side.  I draw everything including still-lifes, people, landscapes, and cartoons.