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As IT budgets tighten, it’s even harder for businesses of any and all sizes to manage IT resources and respond quickly and appropriately to change. As an extension of your current support team, our Managed Services team allows you to leverage our expertise so that you’re able to focus on strategic business systems by maximizing the use of your resources.


    Critical business systems need support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, which requires available and knowledgeable resources. NRC has the functional and technical staff to comprehensively support and maintain your technology applications with constant vigilance and seamless execution. There are few organizations with the experience, savvy, and dedication of New Resources Consulting; we provide the industry’s finest services and consultants to maximize your resources.


    Our on-demand support option can be utilized for multiple coverage needs, including employee absences (i.e. vacation, maternity, paternity, disability, etc.), new hires getting up to speed, or known peak business demands and system upgrades.

    Our mission is “improvement through technology.” We have been and continue to be a company dedicated to technology solutions and services that strengthen our clients.


    Organizations can purchase an allocated number of hours on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis that can be used as needed across functional and technical support areas. NRC’s Managed Services Group helps bridge the gap between where you are and where you need to be without losing precious time.


    Our emergency support contract option provides an ‘insurance policy’ for the support of your critical business systems should any unplanned emergencies occur.


    NRC can help balance your resource needs with the assignment of a few Managed Services team members, negating the time and resource cost associated with finding and hiring high-demand talent.


    Berlin Packaging had identified multiple technology project initiatives that could enhance their organization’s overall business efficiencies, but they were unable to move them forward due to their staff’s consuming day-to-day responsibilities. NRC’s Managed Services Group provided daily support to allow Berlin’s team to focus on completing their project initiatives while ensuring their overall duties were being met.

    Wake Forest Baptist Health desired constant support (24x 7×365) for all of their PeopleSoft 9.1 modules, as well as the integration points between PeopleSoft and specified third party systems.  Utilizing NRC’s Managed Services Team, Wake Forest receives round-the-clock support for all PeopleSoft modules, including application administration, service support and evolutionary enhancements.

    AO Smith was in the process of sunsetting their PeopleSoft system.  However, they needed support for a few month-end processes that remained in the PeopleSoft system.  Utilizing NRC’s Managed Services Team’s emergent support approach, AO Smith was able to ensure that their system was being successfully and continually maintained.

    HSHS utilized the NRC Managed Services team to assist in a corporate-wide project initiative.  The project included the identification and reduction of duplicate patient records that existed in HSHS’s Epic system.

    Since 2018, NRC has provided emergent support for Veolia’s PeopleSoft system.  This Managed Services Team allows Veolia to know that their business system is supported when needed.  Any issues that arise are addressed and resolved based on a defined Service Level Agreement.

    BIDMC had a unique need for a cross-functional resource that could serve as a system administrator, a developer, and a business analyst when needed.  Recognizing the difficulty to find all of these attributes within one resource, BIDMC employed NRC’s Managed Services team to fulfill those required skill sets on an as-needed basis and within BIDMC’s budget constraints.

    In 2018, UW Health began an initiative to move their current on-premise PeopleSoft solution to Oracle Cloud.  Understanding the need for internal resources to concentrate their efforts on the significant initiative, UW Health hired NRC’s Managed Services staff to provide day-to-day technical support.

    First Citizens Bank was upgrading their PeopleSoft system and requested the New Resources Consulting’s Managed Services team to provide additional support during the implementation.

    Raymond James needed support for their Cloud HCM system.  Using NRC’s Managed Services Incremental Support contract option, Raymond James contracted for an number of hours per month that can be used as needed across functional and technical support areas.

    When Manitowoc Company moved to Milwaukee, they lost the assistance of the HRIS team that had been supporting their Oracle Cloud HCM system.  NRC’s Managed Services team was able to provide support with half the resources initially used by Manitowoc.

    Delta Dental internal resources did not have the experience or availability to support their SQL server environment. NRC’s Managed Services team was able to provide overflow SQL server DBA support on an as needed basis.

    Manpower required support for their global PeopleSoft application. The NRC Managed Services team’s “follow-the-sun” round-the-clock model was used to provide support for Manpower’s offices across the globe.


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