Perhaps the single most powerful asset of New Resources Consulting’s Managed Services Group is the team we’ve assembled. Our clients receive personalized, concierge services and foster effective professional relationships with their designated MSG representatives. We think it’s important for our clients to know exactly who’s on their support team. This week, we’re highlighting our Supply Chain Management team: Ray Wing, Mary Ellen O’Neill, and Matt Poupitch.


NRC: How many years have you worked in the industry?

Ray: I’ve worked in IT and PeopleSoft Support for 24 years.

Mary Ellen: I have 26 years in PeopleSoft Support and 21 years in the IT industry.

Matt: I’ve worked in IT and PeopleSoft Support for 10 years.

NRC: Why do you enjoy being part of the NRC Managed Services team?

Ray: NRC is truly like a family, and Managed Services is like being at a family get-together. Great company, great people, and I love having the opportunity to solve problems and provide knowledge transfer to other teams, clients, and prospects.

Mary Ellen: Working with the same team of Analysts and Technical personnel lends to a cohesive working relationship. We have great management and leadership, too. This lends itself to consistency and provides useful tools for all team members.

Matt: I have worked with NRC my entire career and that is due to how well they treat their consultants. I have never been on the bench; the work I do has been challenging and rewarding. Our leadership has ensured I find growth and opportunity within this organization, as well. I see myself being here for many years to come.

NRC: What work/project are you most proud of?

Ray: Alliant Energy. I was the Planning (Supply/Demand/Inventory) lead for a 2-year project that centralized PeopleSoft planning for 120 business units across 4 states; it was PeopleSoft’s largest SCM implementation at the time. I have returned twice for upgrades and they are going on 20 years live.

Mary Ellen: I’ve worked on multiple successful PeopleSoft HCM implementations (new and adding functionality). It is always gratifying when you get your clients over the finish line. A great deal of work goes into these projects to achieve successful completion.

Matt: I am most proud of the work I did implementing PeopleSoft for the Wisconsin State agencies; I was the Lead Consultant for the Purchasing, eProcurement, and Inventory modules. The project team implemented nearly all SCM, Financials, and HCM modules over approximately 2 years. I continued to support the client after the go-live date, which allowed me to enhance the business process via upgrades and customizations to meet client specifications. This project is now a great success story for all ERP implementations.

NRC: Outside of work, what can you be found doing? What’s your “unique?”

Ray: Time at home with two of my daughters, restoring my 2006 Mercedes Benz C350 Sport, and enjoying sports and music with friends at a local watering hole. I also enjoy writing jokes, songs, and poetry.

Mary Ellen: I love playing golf, tennis, and just socializing with friends and family. Also, both of my parents were Chicago Police Commanders—I haven’t come across anyone who can claim this (other than my siblings)! I always tell people it was almost impossible getting a date to pick me up at my front door.

Matt: Spending time with my wife, daughter, and our energetic dog; staying active through biking, running, and trying new sports; and supporting the Marquette Golden Eagles, especially the men’s basketball team. I love trying new things and spent 2 years studying Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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