The Managed Services Group here at New Resources Consulting provides clients with personalized services, fostering effective, professional relationships. Working closely with clients, we facilitate unmatched business and technology implementation, maintenance, and support—especially for PeopleSoft and Oracle applications. We think it’s important for our clients to know exactly who’s on their support team. This week, we’re highlighting our PeopleSoft Systems Team: Randy Carico, Michael Engel, and Chris Hakala.

NRC: Why do you enjoy being part of the NRC Managed Services Group?

Randy: Working with many different people, I get to see a variety of system configurations, which gives me broader insights. It is very satisfying to make a system faster, self-sufficient, and more reliable.

Michael: It’s incredibly rewarding to have the opportunity to work with many clients—each one is distinct in their own way. I love being a part of the Managed Services Group, where each of us contribute to getting the job done for our clients. I also love that my job is always changing. As PeopleSoft Administrators, we must continue to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies from Oracle.

Chris: Being able to work across multiple clients allows me to realize how different organizations have put their own unique spin on organizing and implementing their IT projects. It’s also a pleasure to work with such a great, fun group of people. 


NRC: What work/project are you most proud of?

Randy: Fully automating installation and related patch routines. 

Michael: I was recognized by NRC as an Employee of the Month for working with a client who had never implemented a database backup strategy. I made sure that they followed the best practice for securing, backing up, and restoring databases. I was able to implement several automated backup jobs and procedures which allowed them to backup multiple databases on several different platforms. It was very satisfying, ensuring the business knew their data was safe going forward.

Chris: That’s a tough one! I think I take pride in all that I do, regardless of the project’s size or scope.


NRC: Outside of work, what can you be found doing? What’s your “unique?”

Randy: I love four-wheeling, tinkering with computers, reading, and watching old sci-fi movies. 

Michael:  I am an “Egghead”— I love to grill and cook amazing food on The Big Green Egg!  It is a Kamado style grill where it’s all about smoking food low and slow.  Several times a week I cook for my family, friends, and neighbors. 

Chris: Spending time with my youngest son and landscaping my yard. I’ve also been very lucky to have visited 14 countries across four continents as part of my professional and personal life.


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