New Resources Consulting’s Managed Services Group provides unparalleled assistance to companies in need of a managed services provider. Our dedicated team tailors services to the exact needs of our clients—scaled to their specifications, administered by experienced professionals, and cognizant of important budgetary requirements.

Chris Seidl, Manager, HRIS of The Manitowoc Company, sat down with New Resources Consulting to discuss The Manitowoc Company’s specific needs and his experience working with NRC’s Managed Services Group.

NRC: What initiated your search for a managed services provider?

Chris: In late 2017, our corporate office moved from the City of Manitowoc to Milwaukee, and we acquired a new corporate team. For our HR Technology department, that meant that we went from four core members to just me. Our immediate needs were twofold: to address the same workload with fewer people and accommodate a leaner team on a tightened budget.

NRC: What factors helped you choose NRC?

Chris: An experienced team with Oracle can be really hard to find; there’s a whole team at NRC that is well-versed in Oracle and PeopleSoft. Also, the fact that some of their team is local was attractive, just in case we ever needed assistance on-site. NRC’s ability to work remotely is a true advantage, as well, especially this year. The capabilities of not just offering functional expertise but technical experience in Oracle (and technical IS expertise, in general) were also very important to us.

NRC: You mentioned PeopleSoft and Oracle services; have you received any other services from NRC? What would you say is the most valuable?

Chris: They’ve really helped us out with our day-to-day operations—technical things like maintaining our integration server and working with applications like SQL Server. And, of course, when we have quarterly upgrades within Oracle, they’ve been very helpful with the functional tasks. Our consultants at NRC are also great at generating reports within Oracle and pulling files from the system to send to internal and external vendors. Their assistance in these areas has been a huge help to The Manitowoc Company.

NRC: What advice would you give to a company looking for a Managed Services Provider?

Chris: First, you have to look within your company and articulate exactly what you need help with. When we moved to Milwaukee, we knew we needed help, but we had to determine exactly what we needed help with and in what capacity. Then, you need to find the right provider. NRC stuck out to us because of their extensive experience in PeopleSoft and Oracle implementations.

NRC: What have you enjoyed most about working with NRC?

Chris: Our consultants are extremely knowledgeable and very friendly; after 2+ years of working together, they’ve turned into an extension of our team. Even better, it’s not just our direct consultants to whom we have access; they’re backed by the larger NRC team that we can bounce ideas off of. Also, the management and leadership team at NRC has been really engaged with us, which we greatly appreciate; it’s something that we don’t always get from some of our other vendors. They really care; we’re not just a contract to them.