New Resources Consulting’s Managed Services Group provides essential assistance to businesses and organizations nationwide. The healthcare industry, especially as of recently, requires meticulous care administered by experienced and passionate professionals.

 Tracy Stevenson, Manager of Supply Chain Information Systems at Wake Forest Baptist Health, sat down with New Resources Consulting to discuss the unique needs at the intersection of healthcare—and how NRC’s Managed Services Group has become indispensable. 

NRC: Can you tell us about a specific problem you faced and how NRC helped you get where you needed to be?

Tracy: First, I’d just like to say that my relationship with NRC is great and has been since day one. I really couldn’t be more pleased. One of the latest projects we implemented was using Amazon PunchOut through e-procurement requisitioning. Leadership had a go-live date in mind, and we had to hit that go-live date; we needed to step up and get it done. The deadline didn’t leave us with a ton of time to get the project done, but NRC jumped in right away, led the charge, helped us hit our deadline, and has offered invaluable post-project support. Using NRC to help with all of our PunchOut vendors sounds easy, but so many things can go wrong. Having NRC help facilitate seamless transactions has been absolutely huge for us. 

NRC: With the world in a state of flux, and you are entrenched in the world of healthcare; what changes have you experienced, and how has NRC been of assistance?

Tracy: At the very beginning of the pandemic, all of our ambulatory sites had to purchase allocated supplies in a timely fashion, and my team was tasked with getting the orders into the system. PeopleSoft requires that you have an item master number to do a requisition loader. The team at NRC figured out how to load all of this data onto a spreadsheet instead of inputting them individually. They saved me hours and hours of having to key these acquisitions in one at a time. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds of lines and probably 10 hours of work saved. 

NRC: How would you characterize your relationship with NRC’s Managed Services Group?

Tracy: NRC can take the most convoluted ideas and bring them to fruition. I swear, sometimes I don’t even know what to ask for and, yet, they still execute it flawlessly. NRC has a lot of experience, and they think outside the box. My experience with NRC has been an educational one; they don’t just tell you how to resolve the problem but teach you what went wrong and how to resolve issues in the future.  

NRC: What advice would you give to a company looking for a managed services provider?

Tracy: Find one that will work with your needs and is willing to accommodate you—that will bend over backward for you. That’s what we’ve found in NRC. From pre-implementation to building out locations and business units…there have been many times when I’ve had a member of the NRC team on-site with me right before go-live, making sure conversions were in and the data were there. They’ve been with me every step of the way. 

NRC: What have you enjoyed most about working with NRC’s Managed Service Group?

Tracy: The people, hands down. I’ve had five or six different folks on the account for supply chain, and it’s been seamless. They get down into the weeds with their clients, which is great because I welcome them in! Come on down and play!