New Resources Consulting has entered a formal partnership with TierPoint to expand its national reach and to provide a simplified way to address client needs. This strategic partnership brings together two leading IT Solutions providers: New Resources Consulting, specializing in Application Managed Services, and TierPoint, specializing in data center and cloud solutions. By connecting TierPoint’s coast-to-coast network with New Resources Consulting’s expertise in strategic implementation of technology, this collaboration provides clients with meaningful, cross-industry solutions. “We are thrilled to announce the partnership between New Resources Consulting and TierPoint. NRC’s reputation for providing the IT industry’s top talent when combined with TierPoint’s dedication to providing comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions results in a partnership that offers unmatched support for both of our enterprises and the clients we serve,” said Chris Downs, New Resources Consulting’s Vice President of Client Delivery, of the partnership.


It is the singular goal of New Resources Consulting to improve industry standards and client satisfaction through the strategic implementation of technology. We don’t believe that living in the technological age means living by cold and reductive templates or formulas. We get to know the people behind our business partners and then tailor technological resources to their needs. With every exchange, we strive to put the “person” back in “personalization,” all while providing the best, most comprehensive, cutting-edge technology that provides our partners with unlimited opportunity.


Meeting clients where they are on their journey to IT transformation, TierPoint ( is a leading provider of secure, connected data center and cloud solutions at the edge of the internet. The company has one of the largest customer bases in the industry, with thousands of clients ranging from the public to private sectors, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises.