As reported in The Milwaukee Business Journal

Lorne Tappa became chief financial officer at New Resources Consulting in the midst of a devastating economic downturn. He not only helped NRC weather that financial storm, but since then to grow into a national leader in management and information technology consulting services.

“Finding a way to add value and work my way through that recession and back for the good times that came around in 2010, that’s something I’m very proud of,” Tappa said. “That experience has given me a lot of perspective on my role and how I approach it today.” Tappa, who’s been with NRC for 11 years, looked for strategic ways then and now to save. “It’s hard to make the cuts in costs when it relates to payroll and people’s lives, but there were easier costs to cut,” he said.

Based in Milwaukee, NRC began operations in 1987 and now has locations in Kansas City and Winston-Salem, N.C. It recently acquired Westin Technology Solutions which later merged with Inflection Point Solutions.

“Joining NRC in 2008, Lorne has been instrumental in the company’s 300% growth,” said Chelsie Alf, human resources specialist. “He continues to be our compass north, whether interpreting financial information or dealing with our employees and clients.”

Alf said Tappa mentors his team to embrace NRC’s core values of fostering a culture that rewards honesty, loyalty, mutual respect and a strong work ethic.

NRC and its 240 employees generated $38 million in sales revenue in 2018 from clients ranging from government to manufacturing, to financial services.

“My team and I touch not only the client, but have an impact on every single employee and vendor that works with our company,” he said. “On a day-to-day basis, we are a reflection of how NRC is viewed in the business community.”

Tappa created the Employee Engagement Committee which is tasked with the selection of community activities that NRC can support.

“Lorne’s been all in with giving back to the community and never pushing back if we want to make a donation or sponsor an event,” said Don Weber, vice president of client relations.

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